A Team Of Ex-Blizzard Developers Are Working On An RTS Game That “Feels Like An Evolution Of Blizzard RTS Games”

Frost Giant Studios was created in 2020 from a team of -Blizzard employees who had worked on StarCraft II, Warcraft III, and Diablo IV. The launch came after Blizzard announced were ending content production for StarCraft II.

Frost Giant Studios’ aim is to “build the next great PC real- strategy game”, according to their official website, and a recent interview with OP Attack revealed further plans to create an RTS “that feels like an evolution of Blizzard RTS ”.

“Our influences will include Warcraft III, Broodwar, and StarCraft II. We expect to be as different as those games are to each other,” said co-founder of Frost Giant Studios Tim Morten, “we haven’t considered paths for pre-release player funding yet, because we’re so early in our process.”

“Separate from funding, we’re very committed to having discourse with the community throughout our development. This is currently happening through the FrostGiant subreddit, and through the monthly newsletter that can sign up to receive at FrostGiant.com.”

Soon after Frost Giant Studios announced its launch, video game journalist Jason Schreier reported that in the past few years, there had been attempts “to get new RTS games greenlit” at Blizzard Entertainment.

However, he claimed that the ideas were shot as games from the genre are unlikely to make “enough money” for parent company Activision Blizzard. Schreier added that “it’s sadly no surprise to see a bunch of devs who love the genre starting their own company”.

Recently it was revealed that Blizzard were advertising for new staff to create “epic, memorable worlds”, which was interpreted as a sign they could be producing a new AAA game.

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