Alesha Dixon Has Become A “Better Person” Since Having Her Children

The ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ judge – who has seven-year-old Azura and 19-month-old Anaya with husband Azuka Ononye –always considers her behaviour more these days because she knows her kids are looking up to her and she also wants to set the foundations for their future.

She told OK! magazine: “Being a mum has made me a better person because I’m always mindful of my behaviour.

“Obviously there is a rebellious side in me and I’m young at heart, but for the most part I’m quite sensible.

“My children keep me grounded. Everything I’m doing now is to make sure they have a great future and to protect them.”

Even though parenting can have its difficulties, Alesha forgets them all when she gets a hug from her children.

Asked the best thing about being a mum, she said: “The cuddles. Sometimes I find myself begging for a cuddle.

“There is nothing nicer than when they dive on you and they just squeeze you so tightly and you feel that love.

“You forget about the lack of sleep, the screaming and tantrums. They’re the best.”

While Alesha and her husband “don’t do dates”, they always make time for one another at the weekend when her mother is free to look after the children.

She said: “I don’t think we had date nights even before we had children.

“My other half is like, ‘No, we don’t do dates, we hang out.’

“But my mum lives with us so on a Friday and Saturday she’ll get up with the girls and enable us to have an evening where we don’t feel like we need to be in bed by 10pm.

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“We can get into bed at 2am or 4am and listen to music, eat good food, watch movies and dance.

“We always do that at least once or twice a week.”

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