Jess Wright Has Revealed The Coronavirus Pandemic Has Given Her Wedding Blues


The former ‘TOWIE’ star was set to tie the knot with William Lee Kemp, 37, this June in Majorca but the ongoing health crisis has put a halt on their plans and left Jess feeling “robbed” of her marriage bliss.

She told The Sun newspaper: “Being a COVID bride is just crap. We have every hope it might happen in June but we just have to wait and hear what the announcements are.

“Knowing the fate of your wedding two months before it’s supposed to take place in another country with a lot of guests is about as bad as it can get as a bride.

“It’s totally ruined the whole experience for us. I feel robbed. I probably won’t get excited until I’m literally walking down the aisle. By then, I just don’t even think I’m going to care any more.”

Luckily, the 35-year-old reality star has her mum, Carol, to keep her calm and help her make any important decisions ahead of her big day.

She added: “I’ve got a wonderful family, I’ve got my health and I’ve got a lovely fiancé. My mum’s better than me under pressure. She keeps a brave face on for me then when she’s off the phone she probably cries.

“She always says, ‘Calm down. Don’t get stressed, it’s going to be all right’. My mum’s been to every bride’s dress visit I’ve had, in her mask, of course. I’m very indecisive in the end it was between two dresses I’ve driven her mad.”

And Carol, 62, knew William was the one for her daughter from the first time she met the 37-year-old businessman as he was everything she had hoped Jess would find.

She explained: “I’ve not even got my dress sorted yet. I don’t know what I’m going to wear because it’s been so up and down.

“But when Jess met William I just knew he was the person for her. He ticks every box that I wanted for her in a partner. He is the calm guy who never loses his temper, he’s the patient guy who understands her. It’s made me so happy for her.”

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