Lisaraye Mccoy Is Clarifying What She Said About The Buffalo Radio Host Who Compared Black Women To Toast

LisaRaye McCoy is clarifying what she said about the Buffalo radio host who compared Black women to “toast,” saying she is NOT defending the guy but simply pointing out yeah, he can have an opinion on the subject.

We got the actress Sunday at LAX and asked if she was standing in support of broadcaster Rob Lederman this after seemingly coming to his defense last week on her show, ‘Cocktails with Queens,’ with co-hosts Claudia Jordan, Syleena Johnson and Vivica A. Fox.

ICYMI LisaRaye didn’t appear all that bothered by what Lederman had actually expressed at its core namely, that he prefers lighter-skinned Black women over darker-skinned ones.

The other women took issue, saying there was colorism at play with that type of thinking but LisaRaye is standing firm, even now the dude has a right to express what he likes, even if he’s white. She notes his word choice was awful and demeaning, but when you drill down to the core she doesn’t find it all that triggering.

LisaRaye says the reason some could’ve been more offended than others might have to with the climate we’re in, and the fact people are way more sensitive these days.

BTW, she flatly denies being a colorist herself telling us she’s got family members who are darker-skinned. That said, our camera guy asked her a provocative question and that would be, does colorism lend itself to racism by default?

LRM has an interesting answer. One thing’s for sure, she thinks Lederman’s race makes this all the more complicated.

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