LOONA Have Shared The Meaning Behind ‘Star’, The English Version Of ‘Voice’ From Their 2020 Mini-Album ‘[12:00]’

During a recent interview with Yonhap News Agency, the girl group discussed the message and success of ‘Star’, which is their first-ever song to clinch a spot on Billboard’s Pop Airplay Chart. shared that the song was meant to convey a message of love to their fans in a “complete and genuine way”.

“From the moment we started preparing the song, we put our hearts into it, thinking it was a gift for fans cheering for us from faraway places,” member Kim Lip said. “All these feats were a result of how our hearts and Orbits’ (the for LOONA’s fans) hearts connected.”

Yves noted that the group’s “biggest goal” with ‘Star’ was to relate to their English-speaking, adding that they “focused practicing on our pronunciation as we recorded the song”. She added: “To add some more pop vibe, we also experimented with various styles and expressions, compared with ‘Voice.’”

he group also said that they would like a chance to rerecord a handful of their Korean-language songs in English if given the chance. The members picked out tracks such as ‘Universe’ and ‘Curiosity’ as their top , citing their “ lyrics” and “pretty meanings”, respectively.

LOONA were first introduced by South Korean agency Blockberry Creative through an extensive pre-debut project spanning a total of 18 months from 2016 to 2018. LOONA subsequently made their official debut on August 20, 2018 with the single ‘Hi High’ from the mini-album ‘[+ +]’.

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