M.I.A Has Announced That She Will Be Auctioning Off Her First Digital Piece Of Art As A Non-Fungible Token (NFT)

Simply titled, ‘GIFTY 1’, the piece of digital art is a still image from a GIF collection that celebrates her 25 years of working within the realm of digital art.

‘GIFTY 1’ is a part of a larger series called ‘NFT GARAGE DANCE’. The NFT will be available for purchase for 24 , starting Thursday, April 8th, at 4pm EST. After Thursday, she will be releasing another piece of art, called ‘KALA COYN’.

M.I.A has described her new art series as such: “KALA COYN and the GARAGE DANCE series is a living, breathing, a psycho-spectral canvas that crystalises this moment in time for me.

“Visually, it’s a mind fuck and embodies everything I’ve loved about the digital art arena. It’s only now that the appropriate gallery for my work finally exists.”

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