Sheamus Def. Riddle To Capture The United States Championship

The self-proclaimed MVP of the ThunderDome Era now has hardware to back up his claims. After a more than two-year title drought, Sheamus captured his third United States Championship at WrestleMania, overpowering the red-hot Riddle in a grueling slugfest that will leave both Superstars feeling the effects for weeks.

The Original Bro takes to the skies during a brutal United States Championship challenge from Sheamus. Catch WWE action on Peacock, WWE Network, FOX, USA Network, Sony India and more.

The big hits came early and didn’t let up, and more often than not, they left the WWE Universe picking their jaws up off the floor. No matter what The Original Bro threw The Celtic Warrior’s way — strikes, suplexes, a Jackhammer and even attacks from the air — Sheamus refused to stay down. One of the most spectacular moments saw Riddle deliver a belly-to-belly superplex off the top that sent both Superstars flying head over heels yet failed to yield a three-count.

Sheamus similarly had trouble putting The Original Bro down. Riddle courageously stayed in the fight even after enduring White Noise and a ferocious flying knee drop.

Perhaps it can be chalked up to WrestleMania jitters, but Riddle exhibited an over eagerness that wound up biting him against an opponent as seasoned as The Celtic Warrior. During a fast-moving exchange, The Original Bro backflipped off the middle rope, seemingly with another high-flying attack in mind, only to be wiped out by a brutal Brogue Kick that sealed the deal and returned Sheamus to championship glory.

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