Simon Webbe Is So In Love With His Baby Daughter

The Blue singer – who already has 24-year-old Alanah from a previous relationship – and his wife Ayshen welcomed their little girl Cyan Shenel into the world on 1 April and the couple couldn’t be more smitten with the tot.

Simon told the new issue of Britain’s HELLO! magazine: “I’m so in love with my little girl and being a dad. I sing to her and make up songs, and sometimes it sounds as if she’s trying to sing, too. She recognises our voices and mimics me.”

Ayshen added: “Being a mum is everything and more I dreamed it would be. I feel so happy that I can’t remember what we did before she came along. She’s taken over our lives and we’re enjoying being in a baby bubble with her.”

When Ayshen had her 20-week scan, doctors discovered foetal growth restriction, which is caused by issued with the placenta, was stopping the baby’s tummy from growing and though they kept an eye on how things were going with regular check-ups of Cyan’s heart rate, oxygen and blood flow, at 37 weeks they discovered her legs had stopped growing and made the decision to deliver her early.

Ayshen said: “I was so worried and emotional. But when I thought, ‘I can’t do this,’ Simon, who’d nursed me for months when I was suffering from extreme morning sickness, was a calming influence and support. With his reassurance and patience, he showed me that together we could get through anything.”

And the ‘All Rise’ hitmaker knew as soon as he saw his little girl for the first time that she was a fighter.

He said: “When I saw our baby emerge with a boxing stance, throwing a punch and ready to fight the world, I thought, ‘That’s my girl.’ She opened her eyes and stared straight into mine. It was like looking into a mirror.

“There’s not a word to describe how amazing I felt. It was like when you dream you can fly, soaring above the world with your problems behind you. I didn’t know something so small and tender could have so much power over me.”

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