Song Of Horror, A Horror Game Previously Available On Steam, Will Be Coming To Xbox And Playstation



Protocol Games’ Lovecraft-inspired horror takes its aesthetic cues from Silent Hill and Alone In The Dark, as the player follows an author through a combat-free puzzle thriller.

Using a fixed third-person perspective and encouraging players to think their way out of spooky situations, Song Of Horror currently has a ‘Very Positive’ rating on Steam.

The official description says Song Of Horror “offers a truly dynamic terror experience”, due to its advanced AI that learns based on player decisions.

“Experience unbearable fear as this otherworldly being responds to your way of playing and hunts you down in unexpected ways, offering a unique experience to every player and gameplay where tension builds up naturally instead of coming from scripted sequences.”

All five episodes of Song Of Horror will arrive on console at the same time from May 28, available as a single bundle.

Earlier this month, the Seinfeld horror game created in PS4’s Dreams, Sinfeld Chronicles, was announced for PS5 with a new name: Sinfeld Remastered.

The game, originally created in Dreams, allowed players to walk through familiar Seinfeld territory. Jerry’s apartment was fully explorable, as was Kramer’s alongside several other locations, but the new Sinfeld Remastered has considerably increased the game’s content.

Meanwhile, Sony have announced that a brand new first-person horror survival game titled Abandoned will also be coming to PS5 later in 2021. The title is at an “early development stage”, with the studio currently focused on “crafting a cinematic style, first-person story”.

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