Star Wars Has Confirmed Exactly How Rey (Daisy Ridley) Saved Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) From The Dark Side

The franchise premiered the final film in its most recent trilogy, The Rise of Skywalker, in 2019.

That movie ended with Kylo’s death, though he may have died earlier were it not for Rey’s use of Force healing following the pair’s duel atop the Second Death Star wreckage.

Now, a new Star Wars biography has confirmed Rey’s Force Heal forged more than just Kylo’s wounds. It also healed his psyche.

The biography, written by Kristin Baver and titled Skywalker – A Family At War, claims that the Jedi ability to Force heal not only repairs wounds, but also can ‘clear minds’.

The theory would explain why following Rey’s Force heal, Kylo was able to finally rid himself of the Dark Side and return to Ben Solo, after it was previously unearthed in the comic book series The Rise of Kylo Ren that Emperor Palpatine had clouded his brain from an early age.

“Rey transferred her own Force energy to the wounded man at her feet; however, the interaction did more than merely mend a gaping wound. Burned flesh and damaged organs were made whole again, and even the scar on his face disappeared. For the first time in more than a decade, Ben Solo’s mind cleared.”

The theory matches up with Grogu’s use of Force Heal in The Mandolorian, which saw the adorable creature heal Greef Karga, only for Greef to develop a conscience shortly after.

It would also explain why the desert snake Rey used Force heal on before Kylo in The Rise of Skywalker slithered away rather than attacking the group.

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