The Simpsons Has Been Re-Imagined As A Hellish British Sitcom

British comedian Alasdair Beckett-King is behind the short film, which sees the characters swapping their well-known American accents for British ones.

“What if The Simpsons were a British show? It would be shorter and a lot more depressing,’ he wrote in a post accompanying the video.

Homer, Marge and Bart can be seen in the kitchen during the clip, which has garnered over 1.5 million views since being posted.

“Ah, Bartholomew, out for of whimsical japes,” Homer says to Bart who replies: “Do not have a cow, father.” Marge, meanwhile, has a Scottish accent.

‘The wean’s got the head of yon Winston Churchill,” she says, as a bust of Winston Churchill falls through the ceiling.

Last month, a word first used in The Simpsons was officially recognised by being added to a dictionary. acknowledged the use of the word “embiggens”, which was first used in a 1996 episode which saw Lisa left devastated after discovering Springfield’s town founder, Jebediah Springfield, was actually a murderous pirate.

Determined to educate residents on the real history of Springfield, Lisa instead ends up upsetting townsfolk who refuse to acknowledge their praised founder hated his people and was anything other than perfect.

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