205 NEWS: Mansoor Def. Curt Stallion

While being interviewed by Josiah Williams earlier in the day, Mansoor and Curt Stallion celebrated their recent victory as partners and mulled some potential names for their tag team, including “Curt-soor and -stallion.”

The tone quickly shifted, however, when Mansoor talked about his 40-0 record, only to immediately be reminded by Stallion that none of those victories have come against him, and the two agreed to meet one on one later that evening.

The recent allies shared a handshake at the toll of the opening bell, but friendship was thrown out the window for the edge-of-your-seat thriller that followed.

The undefeated Superstar looked to be in dire straits when Stallion planted him with a neckbreaker and followed with a running forearm and a savage knee to the face. Seconds later, Stallion came within an eyelash of a win by DDTing Mansoor into turnbuckle.

Somehow, the staggered Mansoor took the full brunt of a Spanish and got his foot on the bottom rope to avoid defeat.

And after dodging Stallion’s attempt at a running headbutt, Mansoor jumped from the apron back into the ring and leveled his opponent with a unique neckbreaker to seal the win.

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