Amy Walsh Explains Tracy’s Health Fears For Baby Frankie

Emmerdale’s Tracy Metcalfe is going to panic next week when she discovers a lump on her baby’s tummy, and goes to the doctors to have it diagnosed.

Actress Amy Walsh hasn’t revealed what the lump turns out to be, but tells Inside Soap magazine that, regardless of what the outcome is, she thinks it’s an important storyline.

“Anyone would jump to the worst-case scenario, and that’s how I played it,” she said. “Tracy feels the lump and thinks, ‘My baby has cancer’, so it spirals quite quickly.

“She also thinks that she’s being fobbed off by the doctor. It’s an important story to tell, because we want viewers to know that over-worrying as a new mum is not a bad thing, and getting a second opinion from a doctor is not a bad thing.

Nate Robinson will be there to lend his support, proving that he really is serious about this. “Having a baby properly tests your relationship and they are a fairly new couple anyway,” Amy adds.

“They’ve properly skipped the fun bit and gone straight into parenting. I hope they are strong enough to make it… I’d like to see Tracy happy with Nate and Frankie.”

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