August Grey & Jake Atlas Def. Tony Nese & Ariya Daivari

Call it a partnership of convenience. Call it uniting against common enemies. But whatever you do, call the combination of August Grey and Jake Atlas effective.

Grey and Atlas have watched each other’s backs for the last few weeks to nullify the numbers advantage that Tony Nese and Ariya Daivari typically use in their favor, and they paired for the first in an actual match against their recent tormentors.

The Premier Athlete and Daivari Dinero went to their bag of tricks early and often, as Nese feigned a knee injury, opening the door for Daivari to slug Atlas from the ring action and put his partner back in .

After coming agonizingly close to tagging out of the match on several occasions, Atlas finally made a lunging tag to The Life of the Party, who darted into the ring and blitzed Nese with a headscissors takedown, an inverted atomic drop and a vicious clothesline.

And once Atlas took out Daivari with a dive through the ropes, Grey clinched the win by blasting Nese with a superkick and So Much Prettier.

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