Carole Baskin Is Putting Ted Cruz And John Cornyn On Blast Over The Tiger That Got Loose In Texas


Carole Baskin is putting Ted Cruz and John Cornyn on blast over the tiger that got loose in Texas, saying the Senators could have prevented it if they’d done their jobs in Congress.

The ‘Tiger King’ star squarely put the blame on the Lone Star state’s Senators Wednesday morning saying exotic cat crises have become too common in TX. Earlier this year, there was another loose tiger in San Antonio, and a couple was also arrested there for having a tiger cub and a bobcat.

Carole says Cruz and Cornyn screwed up because the Senate failed to bring the Big Cat Public Safety Act to a vote in the Senate last year, after the House passed it.

The bill would prohibit cruel activities associated with the big cat trade but, more specifically, it would ban private individuals from possessing lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, jaguars, cougars or any hybrid of these species.

Carole told CNN she hopes the senators change their tune this time around. The House reintroduced the bill earlier this year and, once again, it’s back in the Senate’s hands. So far, it has bipartisan support, and Carole says she hopes Cruz and Cornyn act this time around.

As we reported, the loose tiger this week in a Houston suburb was nearly shot by a neighbor who happened to be a cop. The owner of the tiger eventually showed up and stuffed the animal into a Jeep and fled before cops arrived.

Carole commended the off-duty Sheriff’s deputy for showing incredible restraint in not emptying his weapon on the cat, and for knowing how to act around a wild animal

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