Gemma Collins Hopes To Run The London Marathon One Day, After Getting Herself In Tip-Top Condition

The 40-year-old TV star has focused on her health and wellbeing amid the coronavirus lockdown, and she’s now thinking about running the marathon around the streets of London.

She shared: “I’ve gone health-obsessed mad and I’m loving it.

“I am feeling so fabulous about exercise. Imagine if I could do the London Marathon. Maybe I could. I would love to do it.”

The reality star has also offered some tips to her fans about staying healthy amid the lockdown.

She explained: “You can really do some creative stuff.

“You can lift your dog ten times – as long as it’s a lovely small dog – or you can run up and down the stairs.

“If you want to do squat thrusts, take to the toilet seat and squat up and down on the toilet seat. That’s a good one.”

Gemma now regrets getting a so-called skinny jab in a bid to suppress her appetite.

However, she conceded that she was in a “desperate place” at the time.

She said on ‘The Gemma Collins Podcast’: “I kind of regret doing it but sometimes you’re in such a desperate place and want to lose weight.”

Meanwhile, Gemma recently revealed that her £1.3 million home is a “shrine” to herself.

The TV star has moved into what she has called “The GC Palace” and Gemma has been busy redecorating the property with a few personal touches.

She said: “I recently moved into my new house, The GC Palace, which represents a new beginning for me. As you know I’ve got my Talulah, my horse. The GC Palace is a place of tranquillity and fabulousness … It’s absolutely my sanctuary…”

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