Kaley Cuoco “Begged” Rosie Perez To Appear In The Flight Attendant

The former ‘Big Bang Theory’ actress stars in the show as Cassie and also produced the series and admitted that as soon as the project went into development, she was desperate to land the ‘Do the Right Thing’ star to play Megan – even though she hates travelling.

“I said, ‘You’re all I see in this. Please!’ ”

And Kaley was equally thrilled to bring ‘Girls’ star Zosia Mamet on board as Annie.

She said: “When Zosia walked into the room, we were so excited she was even coming in to read.

“This was pre-COVID and we could touch each other. I was touching her, hugging her, kissing her and everyone asked me the same thing, like, ‘Oh my God, you guys obviously have worked together’, but we hadn’t.

“It was a kismet friendship from the start, and on camera it bloomed. It was just really special.”

The actress was “almost crying” during filming because she was so overwhelmed by the power of her co-stars’ performances.

She said: “Rosie and Zosia are so good in this project, it’s so beyond.

“I think at one point I was looking at Rosie and – because this has been, for me, three years since I locked eyes on this book [which the show is based on] – so I was looking at Rosie in one scene and I was almost crying, going, ‘I can’t believe you’re in front of me and we’re doing this together.’

“It was just so overwhelming to be in that room with her. And I feel that way with Z too. It’s just been an absolute dream, the whole cast.”

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