Katie Price Has Revealed She Will Marry Carl Woods This Year


The 42-year-old star – who recently got engaged to her 32-year-old partner – wants her terminally ill mother Amy to be “well enough” to be part of their special day, and so she is already planning her nuptials now.

Admitting that “time is precious”, she told OK! magazine: “I want my mum to be able to rest easy knowing I’ve finally found someone I’m happy with.

“She knows I will be OK now – it’s given her peace of mind. That means the world to me, that Carl brings that peace to mum.”

Amy is battling an incurable lung condition called idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis (IPF), which causes the build-up of scar tissue in the lungs and can lead to shortness of breath and eventual respiratory failure.

And reflecting on their whirlwind 10-month relationship, three times married Katie insisted her romance is “real this time”.

She said: “My head’s in the right place, it’s not rushed, it’s been done properly. Not only am I head over heels in love, my kids approve and my family approve.”

Carl recently insisted their nuptials will be very different to the lavish Cinderella-themed celebration Katie had when she married her first husband Peter Andre, her second Las Vegas wedding to Alex Reid, and the Bahamas beach ceremony she and Kieran had.

He explained: “I promise you it will be different and quirky. It will be nothing like she’s ever done before.

“I wanted to do something different because I am different. This is the final wedding for her now, and this one is for keeps.”

The couple has also discussed having children together, with Carl insisting he’d like to have two kids with his future wife.

He said: “We’re not being careful, we’re just letting nature take its course and we’re having a lot of fun trying in the meantime.

“We’d like to have two children quite close together. Her other kids are quite close and that makes a better bond.

“I’m close to my sister and we’re 18 months apart.

“In five years’ time, I see us married with our own kids, in our own house, with Porsches outside. We’ll have to buy a bigger house – we’d need an eight-bed!”

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