Laura Anderson Has Warned Her Social Media Followers Against Using A Filter App

The former ‘Love Island’ star has admitted she used to be obsessed with FaceApp, but she’s now warned her followers on social media against using it.

Laura – who has 1.4 million followers on Instagram – wrote on the photo-sharing platform: “So I’ve seen people talking about FaceApp, I didn’t know that not everyone knew about it. But basically I was just wondering what you thought. I got introduced to it a bit late but then I feel you get a bit obsessed with it.

“But now I purposely make sure I don’t use it because looking back when I look at some of my pictures, I think ‘what was I thinking?’ it looks so obvious to me now that it’s been used and it looks so not real.”

Laura thinks the app has a potentially damaging impact.

She wrote: “I don’t know why people are doing it to old celeb photos though. To me it looks so obvious but I don’t know if you can tell. It’s actually worse if you can’t tell, it’s more damaging.”

In 2019, meanwhile, Laura claimed that most of the ‘Love Island’ contestants are obsessed with fame, rather than finding romance.

The blonde beauty thinks the chances of finding true love on the show are “extremely slim”.

She said at the time: “The chances of finding love on the show are extremely slim. There are so many people in the world – what are the odds that your soul mate is going to be in the villa?

“I guess the show attracts a similar type of person too, so there’s not much variety.

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“I think a lot of people go on for the wrong reasons as well – for fame, rather than love.”

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