Lauren Goodger Wants Her Instagram Posts To Look “As Real As Possible”


The ‘TOWIE’ star who has come under fire for heavily editing her social media posts – has defended the use of filters on photographs and insisted they are just “a little bit of fun”.

She told Closer magazine: “Filters were invented for a little bit of fun. Who doesn’t like to look good in a picture?

“I feel like the user of filters is taken so seriously when it really doesn’t need to be. They are there to change up your look.

“I try to keep my pictures as real as possible, but I do have a bit of fun with it.

“I think it’s OK, as long as people are not making themselves look completely different.”

And Lauren – who is expecting her first child with boyfriend Charles Drury – insisted putting a filter on an Instagram post is no different to the way images are edited in advertisements.

She added: “When you see adverts or billboards with celebrities advertising shampoo, for example, with their hair blow-dried and looking perfect, they’ve obviously had work done or touch-ups to make them look better.

“It’s the way it is.

“People have to calm down and stop targeting people just because they’re using filters, it’s their choice as to whether or not they use them.”

However, Lauren warned against overuse of such editing software.

She said: “I think it’s completely fine to use filters if it’s light-hearted, a bit of fun and makes you feel good – it’s totally your choice.

“Maybe not so much that you’re unrecognisable or that you use them all the time, but as long as you’re comfortable with who you are in real life and don’t get carried away, that’s all that matters.”

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