Mamma Mia Actress Lily James’ New TV Series The Pursuit Of Love Is Different To Anything Else She’s Made Before

Co-starring Sherlock’s Andrew Scott, The Wire favourite Dominic West and Into the Badlands’ Emily Beecham, this three-part period piece features James in the role of Linda Radlett, who shakes up her quiet cousin’s life by dragging her along to parties.

“It’s the first time I’ve been involved in something since its genesis, and I adored it,” she recently told Digital Spy and other press.

“I just feel so connected to it. I came on board early doors because my agent had the rights to the book and had always talked about making The Pursuit of Love happen and it become a reality.

“I’ve been involved as a producer throughout, and particularly in the pre-stage and then in this stage, after we shot it, had been involved in conversations and the edit and that’s been a gift, to be heard and listened and be involved in that creative side of it.

“It has been an enlightening experience and something I want to continue.”

Further on, the Rebecca and Cinderella star admitted that the whole experience was “fascinating”.

“It gave me such faith actually, as an actor, being involved in those conversations where you realise if you have great producers and a great director, every line is discussed, every beat.

“So even for me to just listen in on those conversations and to be privy to that side of it… it was fascinating and Emily Mortimer was just out of this world. One of the greatest directors I’ve worked with.”

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