Maskless Uber Abuser Videos Herself Going 122 MPH on Freeway


The woman who is about to be arrested for coughing on and attacking an Uber driver has proven to be just as dangerous when she’s in the driver’s seat.

Arna Kimiai has once again incriminated herself, this time with a video she shot last June behind the wheel of a McLaren sports car hitting speeds topping 122 MPH. Kimai is more focused on posing for the camera than safe driving blasting music, losing her ponytail and claiming, “This sh** is getting too colossal.”

Speaking of colossal Kimai became infamous this week after a viral video of her and one other friend assaulting and coughing on an Uber driver telling him they had COVID-19, and that got the attention of San Francisco cops.

One of the passengers from the video, Malaysia King, in red, was arrested Thursday for assault with a caustic chemical, assault and battery, conspiracy and for violating health and safety code.

According to cops, Kimai and her lawyer are making plans to turn herself in soon. Hopefully, she’ll walk to the police station.

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