Roman Kemp Claims Jennifer Lawrence Once Had Him Removed From An Interview

The 28-year-old DJ and presenter was attending a junket for one of Jennifer’s movies when he decided to prank her by pretending to be an obsessed fan but Jennifer, 30, was not impressed.

Writing in The Sun newspaper’s Bizarre column, Roman said: “She got her security to remove me from the room. I did a junket and we’d come up with the idea I’d be a super-fan. I had a transfer tattoo of her face on my chest, she clocked it and the vibe changed. I hated every minute of it. Her security removed me halfway through.”

Roman also admitted an interview with Christoph Waltz, 64, was another disaster.

He said: “This was such an awkward one. I was excited to interview him. I asked a really basic question and he said, ‘I’m going to ask myself what I think you should have asked me and I will do the interview from here’. I had to sit there for five minutes while he mocked me by saying his own questions.”

However, Roman was a huge fan of Denzel Washington, 66, who re-enacted a scene from ‘Training Day’ with him.

He said: “Someone mentioned I did an impression of him. He made me re-enact a scene from ‘Training Day’ as him and he played the other character. He’s a legend.”

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