Sinitta Was “Kicked Off” A Dating App Because It Was Assumed She Was A “Fraud”

The 52-year-old singer is looking for love after lockdown made her appreciate how much she missed being in a relationship, but her plans were thwarted when she had her profile removed from the romantic platform Hinge.

She said: “I was probably ready to meet someone when we went into lockdown again. So I’ve had an extra year of being single that I wasn’t expecting.

“It did make me appreciate how much I do like being in a relationship.

“I joined the Hinge dating app but they deleted me because they thought I was a fraud.

“I don’t think they believed that someone famous would be on the app.

“They thought I was a catfish so I was kicked off, which was awful.”

The ‘So Macho’ singer’s profile has now been reinstated but she’s put dating on hold because she’s feeling “nervous” about meeting up with strangers following the recent killing of Sarah Everard.

She told new! magazine: “They must have found out because they opened my account again.

“But then the whole tragedy at Clapham happened and I suddenly felt like it seemed crazy to meet a stranger for a walk in the park. You just don’t know who you’re meeting. It’s made me nervous.”

Sinitta has been asked out by a number of younger men but she’s put an age limit in place.

She said: “I’ve met some nice people now. Some have been way too young. Gorgeous looking!

“But no matter how good I look for my age, if I’m going for a drink with them and their friends who look 27 come along, it’s going to be a bit weird.

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“They have to be in their 40s. If anyone in their 20s speaks to me, I tell them they are very cute, but too young for me.

“Some have said, ‘Well I don’t mind if you don’t mind.’ But I do. That’s someone’s son!

“I told one of them I was old enough to be his mum.”

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