Steven Davis, Has Resigned Following Allegations From Former Staff About The Company


The allegations, which were posted on workplace review website Glassdoor last week, were shared with screenshots on the company’s Instagram account, when it was reportedly hacked. The accusations include “underpaying” workers, “offensive” language and people being made to feel “uncomfortable” at work.

The company, which was responsible for bringing the world’s first socially distanced gigs to Newcastle last year, currently has an overall 1.4 star rating on the website out of 21 reviews from people claiming to be former employees.

The company initially denied the claims, calling them “false and malicious”, and insisting that they do “not tolerate bullying, harassment or discrimination in any form”.

Now, Davis has announced his departure via his personal Facebook page and the news was also confirmed to NME by his representative.

He said: “I would firstly like to say that it is vital to take any allegations of inappropriate behaviour seriously. If people feel they have been treated poorly, they should feel safe in speaking out and confident that action will be taken.

“There have been a number of online allegations, which have saddened me deeply. The seriousness of what has been anonymously alleged – and the hateful response to these claims – has seriously affected my family. They are my priority, and I will do everything I can to protect them from online abuse.

“I would hope that this discussion can be one based upon the evidence. I entirely understand why people reading the comments about us posted on Glassdoor would be shocked. If true, they would mean people had been seriously let down. But I have been publicly tarnished based on several anonymous comments posted online.

“It breaks my heart that this has had such an immediate and detrimental impact on something that has taken so long to build. Since founding this company, I have always strived to conduct business in the right way.

“I am sorry for any mistakes I have made along the way, it has never been my intention. I would never want to upset or make anyone feel uncomfortable. If that has been the case, then I am shocked and saddened and am truly sorry. I will learn from any examples of such behaviour.”

Davis’ representative said a further statement from SSD Concerts is expected later today.

Following news of the allegations last week, IDLES, Lanterns On The Lake and Kelly Lee Owens have announced that SSD Concerts will no longer be promoting their upcoming shows.

IDLES took to Instagram on April 1 to inform fans that SSD would no longer be promoting their show at Newcastle City Hall next year.

“In light of the recent allegations against SSD Concerts, we would like to make it clear that they will no longer be promoting our show at Newcastle City Hall on 2 February 2022,” the band’s statement read.

Kelly Lee Owens then followed suit on April 2, telling fans on Twitter: “In light of increasingly worrying allegations made against SSD Concerts my shows in the North East will no longer be promoted by them. My team are working on alternative options and ticket buyers will be notified.”

Earlier last week, the Mercury-nominated Lanterns on the Lake told fans in a statement on Instagram they would also be “unwilling” to go ahead with a gig still promoted by SSD, accusing the company of causing “pain, stress and discomfort” to some of its employees.

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