‘Eastenders’ Bosses Are Bringing Brian Conley’s Character Into The Soap To Lighten It Up A Bit

Brian has joined the BBC One show as Terry Cant, the long- father of Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy), and the comedian has revealed his character always has a “funny line to say”, and the star didn’t even have to try out for the role.

He said: “The producers and the casting directors said, ‘We want to talk to you,’ I thought it was just a Zoom.

“They went, ‘So this is the character, probably starts in March and we’d love you to be in it a year.’

“I went, ‘So you’re offering that are you?’ And they went, ‘Yeah.’ So I didn’t even have to read for it or anything.

“He’s a cheeky Cockney lad, so it’s a bit of a strain, and he’s always got a little funny line to say.

“I do know where they’re coming from. Where they’re coming from with COVID and everything they just want to lighten it up a bit and not be so doom and gloom.”

Brian is keeping details of his character’s plot under wraps, but he did reveal Terry will first appear in Albert Square in May, and he has a “really good nickname” locals will use for him.

Speaking on the ‘At Home With Hayley’ YouTube channel, he added: “I do know my , I’m in quite a weird position where I’m not allowed to say anything. They said to me, ‘Tell them your and tell them that you’re Sonia’s dad and that is it.’

“I’ve got a really good nickname which I’m always referred to. After the first proper scene I explain that I don’t like being called Terry and this is my name and I explain why my name is this. I know that will latch on, it really made me smile when they told me.

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“I do know a lot of the plot now, you have to, I have to know where I’m coming from and the games I’m playing and why I’m there. It’s really .

“I start filming shortly and those episodes don’t come out until May because they’re always filming about two months ahead.”

Natalie recently admitted was picking her toenails when she found out Brian was going to portray her father.

She said: “I’ve finished work, I’m just about to go home. I’m so lucky to be at work, I’m so grateful to be at work.

“One minute you’re sat at home picking your toenails, the next minute Brian Conley is going to play your dad.

“Can’t be bad can it?”

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