Juventus Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo And UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov Have Long Been Close Friends


And the fact that Ronaldo and Khabib share such a close friendship could be perhaps explained by the pair’s drive and commitment that has helped them to excel and reach the pinnacle of their respective sports.

Both sporting greats also came from humble backgrounds and had to work extremely hard to reach the top and achieve the wealth that comes with their respetive positions.

Having been born into the life that comes with being the son of a multi-millionaire superstar footballer, it’s fair to say that Cristiano Jr. wants for very little and has had a very different upbringing than that of his father.

And as revealed by Khabib, who recalled the time the pair first met, Ronaldo’s greatest fear for his son is that the affluent lifestyle to which he has been accustomed his entire life could affect his drive and motivation to succeed.

“We talk almost every day. When we met we had a talk about where we got our motivation from. He told me that he wants his son to be his successor,” said Khabib told Russian YouTuber KraSava.

“When Cristiano was a child he only dreamed of having a pair of boots. His son, on the other hand, has everything. He is afraid that he may not have the same hunger, the same will. People are guided by that will. Feel the desire to achieve things. When you have everything, it is difficult to find the right motivation.”

It was this conversation that sowed the seeds of Khabib’s profound admiration for his now-close friend, who, he believes, still has a few more years left in his boots yet.

“When he told me that, I’m not going to say I was surprised, but I enjoyed listening to him. I realized that he’s a person who is not content with one, two or three titles.”

“He recently won his 30th title, he is the best scorer ever. I think he will still be there for two or three more seasons.”

Football fan Khabib retired in October

Four years Ronaldo’s junior, Khabib, 32, called time on his career last October after beating Justin Gaethje, retiring with an impeccable 29-0 record. The Russian former professional mixed martial artist has long been a football fan and was recently spotted at Camp Nou during the Champions League game between Barcelona and PSG.

So impressed by the Camp Nou, after the game, Khabib suggested he may be willing to come out of retirement to fight at Barcelona’s famous stadium, sending a message to UFC owner Dana White on Instagram: “Hey Dana (White) you here? Let’s make fight here 100,000 people, let’s go.”

No doubt Ronaldo would love to see his great friend conquer Camp Nou, as he himself did on a few occasions in the past as a Real Madrid player.

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