Neville Gave His Opinion Regarding The Serious Protests That Caused The Manchester United-Liverpool Game To Be Postponed

The ex-Manchester United defender gave his opinion regarding the serious protests that caused the United-Liverpool game to be postponed. Surprisingly, he said he understood the protests.

Gary Neville used this Sunday’s protests, which saw United fans invade Old Trafford and Man United’s team hotel in protest, as part of a plea for the end of the Glazer era in charge of Manchester United.

His anger understandable or not, Neville didn’t choose the best moment to criticse the owners of the ‘Red Devils’. He did so in a passionate manner right after the serious events caused the postonement of the United-Liverpool match.

“The Glazer family have been resilient and stubborn for many, many years. If you think about the club they picked up in 2004, it had the best stadium in the country, one of the best in Europe, it had the best training ground in this country, and probably one of the best in Europe. It had a team that was consistently getting to Champions League quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals regularly and winning the league every season or every other season.

“If you look at the club now, this stadium I know it looks great here but if you go behind the scenes it is rusting and rotten. If you look at the training ground it’s probably not even the top five in this country, they haven’t got to a Champions League semi-final for 10 years. We haven’t won a league here at Manchester United for eight years.

“The Glazer family are struggling to meet the financial requirements at this club and the fans are saying that their time is up. My view is quite simply that they’re going to make a fortune if they sell the club and if they were to put it up for sale now I think the time would be right, and it would be the honourable thing to do.”

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