Pep Guardiola Was One Of Athletic’s Nightmares While He Was On The FC Barcelona Bench

Two Copas del Rey won as Barcelona coach and both were against the rojiblancos who this Saturday have a new opportunity to defeat Barcelona and lift the title.

On TV3, the now Manchester City manager recalled how that final was and described his players that night as “fucking murderers” to highlight their great winning gene and the desire they put in to get the trophy in Pep’s last game at in front of the club bench.

“That day there was something more emotional, more personal than in other finals, but I had to try to be cold,” he admits about himself. Meanwhile, he noticed more emotions than usual, the squad, Guardiola assures, was calm. “I remember going out onto the pitch and seeing the tension in the Athletic players . The Barça players, on the other hand, seemed like they had a friendly. They were used to playing finals. They knew we were going to win,” he adds.

In the interview they asked him about a legend that circulates about the game. After Barcelona went 0-3 in half an hour with goals from Pedro, Messi and Xavi, they say that at halftime the Athletic players asked them to slow down and not “hurt themselves”. The coach denied it.

“I can say with certainty that it is not. The teams Bielsa are educated in the resistance and never give up . The players Barca also if they can get five put five if you can get eight will be eight. They were very good people, but in the field some fucking murderers, “he sentenced

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